Sandra Bland Seemed Really Distraught, Says Fellow Inmate

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Sandra Bland was distressed and crying before she was found dead inside her jail cell, according to a fellow inmate.

Alexandra Pyle, who was in the Waller County Jail in Texas due to unpaid parking tickets, said she was in a cell opposite Bland's.

"She seemed really distraught," Pyle said. "But I don’t know if I can say that was suicidal."

But she added that she was "positive" that Bland took her own life, and that the 28-year-old woman showed her scratches she had on her wrist.

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"I don't think the guards did anything," Pyle said. "She wasn't causing a ruckus or anything, so I don't see why the guards would do anything to her. She was quiet."

Bland's mother, Geneva Reed-Veal, has also spoken out, telling MSNBC's Al Shparton that her daughter was in a good mood before her death. She said she was excited about starting a new job.

"Her spirits were lifted," she said. "She was excited."

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She added that there was "no reason" for her daughter to be stopped on July 10.

Bland was taken into custody following a confrontation with a trooper who pulled her over for a broken signal. She was found dead three days later.

Despite her family's doubts that Bland would have taken her life, preliminary autopsy results found that she had killed herself, authorities said on Thursday.

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