'Legal Diva' Reality TV Star's Boyfriend Killed Her in Self-Defense, Says Lawyer

Robert Reagan, who stands accused of killing his girlfriend, reality star Loredana Nesci, is claming self-defense in her death, according to his attorney.

Nesci, 47, star of the reality TV show Loredana, Esq., was found dead in her California home last Wednesday, and Reagan was later arrested.

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Reagan had called 911 to report an emergency and told dispatchers that they had been arguing in their Redondo Beach home.

“The case is a terrible tragedy. While defending himself against her assault with a deadly weapon, Robert tried to disarm her, and in the intense struggle that ensued, she tragically suffered a fatal wound. While Robert is not guilty of committing any criminal offense, he is devastated by the horrible event," his lawyer said in a statement, shared by the Los Angeles Times.

On Friday, prosecutors charged Reagan with killing Nesci, saying he used a knife to kill her during the fight. If convicted, he could face 26 years to life behind bars.

Nesci and Reagan have a five-year-old son, but he wasn't home at the time.

Nesci was the sharp-tongued star of the Sundance channel's Loredana, Esq., which documented her adventures as a lawyer.

She was a former Los Angeles police officer and a fitness fanatic, who often shared swimsuit photos to her Instagram page.

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She also appeared as a guest host on The View. Last Thursday, Whoopi Goldberg paid tribute to her on the show, saying the hosts sent out "our thoughts and prayers" for the "tragic loss".

Nesci's personal life played a large role in her TV show. One source of their disagreements was the house in Redondo Beach, where her boyfriend was carrying out renovations.

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