Woman Killed In Car Wreck After Trying Out For 'American Idol', Audition Ticket Still in Her Pocket

A woman was killed and five of her friends injured in a car wreck when their SUV flipped over as they returned from auditions for American Idol.

Natasha Bellott, 20, still had her audition ticket inside her pocket when she suffered fatal injuries in the crash on I-95 in Pennsylvania just before 7pm on Sunday.

She was traveling home to New Jersey with friends after auditioning for the singing competition at Temple University in Philadelphia.

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The driver of the SUV lost control as they overtook another vehicle on the shoulder of the interstate, according to a preliminary police investigation.

The SUV hurtled across two lanes before smashing into the median, where it flipped over and rolled several times, throwing some of the group from the vehicle.

Witnesses told police the SUV was "flying" at high speeds when it flipped and rolled over, the Associated Press reported.

Bellott's and another friend were rushed to hospital, where Bellott was pronounced dead.

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The friend, 19-year-old Leslie McCoy, suffered a head injury and fractured ribs.

Four other friends, aged between 16 and 24, were taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Friends have paid tribute to the young woman, who they say loved Justin Bieber. They held a candle-lit vigil in her honor.

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