Whoopi Goldberg Defends Kelly Osbourne Over 'Racist' Trump Remarks

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Whoopi Goldberg is coming to the defense of Kelly Osbourne after she sparked outrage with a comment about Donald Trump.

On The View on Tuesday, Osbourne said: “If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilet, Donald Trump?”

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The comment was met with shock and silence on set.

On Wednesday, Goldberg came to Osbourne’s defense: “You try to get your point in and you try to hit it and sometimes you step in dog doo. It does not make you a racist.”

According to the DailyMail.com, Osbourne burst into tears during a commercial break, after realizing what a blunder she had committed.

After the show, Osbourne took to Facebook to take responsibility for what she had said.

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"I want to start by saying I ALWAYS take responsibility for my actions," she wrote. "In this particular case I will take responsibility for my poor choice of words but I will not apologize for being a racist as I am NOT."

Goldberg said on Wednesday: “If you've ever met a racist, it's pretty clear. They're pretty clear.”

And view co-host Rosie Perez, who appeared taken aback by Osbourne’s comment, also came to her defense on Twitter.


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