Comedian Goes Undercover to Find Out if Psychics See The Same Future

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A comedian visited different psychics in New York City to see if they all saw the same future for him.

But he says the only thing that they could agree on? That he'd have a "long life."

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Still, they weren't quite sure how long that life would be. One said he would live until his 80s, while another told him he would reach 98 years old.

The experiment was the work of Tyler Fischer, a New York-based comedian, who filmed the conversations for Elite Daily.

Fischer hid a camera in a backpack so that he could record the psychics as they gave their predictions.

He says their insights were very vague and when he asked specifically if he would get married or have kids, their answers were very different.

While some told him he had wedding bells in his future - within the next year or the next 10 years - another psychic was not quite so sure.

"You're not the marrying kind," she told him.

But they agreed he would have children - although one suggested he would adopt them.

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And one of the women was very sure about one thing: that she was being recorded.

"I keep picking up frequencies," she said. 

When Fischer left, he told his cameraman: "Creepy dude!"

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