Rescuers Save Newborn Orangutan Who Lost The Will To Live After His Mother Was Killed

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This newborn orangutan lost the will to live after his mother was taken down with a machete in Borneo’s rainforest and he was sold to a local farmer.

But now the youngster, named Udin, is recovering thanks to the care of the International Animal Rescue.

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By the time he was found in a small cage, he was severely malnourished and dehydrated and had no desire to eat or drink. The organization believes he suffered extreme emotional trauma after his mother died.

"It is likely he was torn from her warm body as she lay dying and was then sold as a pet to a local farmer," they said.

The vets and staff at the rescue center in Ketapang, West Borneo were determined not to give up on him. They even slept beside him on the floor to comfort him.

Udin's condition has improved but he still faces a long road ahead and needs constant nurturing and care.

"He is showing an interest in food and there is a glimmer of light in his sad dark eyes," the organization said on its website. "His condition is now more stable but Udin still requires intensive medical treatment."

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International Animal Rescue saves animals around the world from bears, lorises, orangutans and more.

Whenever they can, they release rescued animals back into the wild or give them a safe haven for life. If you'd like to help donate to the non-profit, visit here.

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