Are Moviegoers Sick of Raunchy Comedies? R-Rated Films Bomb at the Box Office

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Have moviegoers had it with raunchy comedies?

The new Vacation movie, a reboot of the 1983 cult classic, is the fourth R-rated comedy of the summer to bomb at the box office.

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Vacation took in just $15 million during its opening weekend, roughly 35 percent less than most box-office analysts had predicted.  

And Vacation isn't the only R-rated comedy audiences are turning their backs on. Entourage, Magic Mike XXL, and Ted 2 all flopped at the box office this summer.

"The ones that we've seen that are not doing as well are the sequels," said movie expert Paul Dergarabedian. "Very often you will see these r-rated comedies, even if they do well at the box office, because it's really hard to recapture that R-rated comedy magic."

Not all R-rated comedies are flopping. Spy, starring Melissa McCarthy and Trainwreck, starring Amy Schumer, have both found audiences.

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"Trainwreck benefited from Amy Schumer. Everyone was talking about her. The movie just took off and has done incredibly well," Dergarabedian said.

Pitch Perfect 2, which carries a PG-13, not an R rating, all raked in money at the box office, suggesting moviegoers could be looking for more family-friendly comedies this summer.

"You can actually get a lot of comedic fun out of a PG-13 movie, and you can draw that younger audience," said Dergarabedian.

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