Millionaire Zappos CEO is Living in a 240-Square-Foot Trailer: 'I Love it Here'

Zappos CEO Tony Hseih has a reported net worth of $840 million but calls a 240-square-foot trailer home.

The 41-year-old can live in any mansion or estate he pleases but opts for a trailer outside Las Vegas that costs him less than $1,000 a month.

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“I've probably lived in ten places in my entire life; this is definitely my favorite so far,” Hsieh told ABC News.

He posted a photo of his not-so-spacious abode on Instagram:


Woke up this morning to Marley the alpaca in my airstream still staring at me. #weirdsleepover #llamatrauma

A photo posted by Tony Hsieh (@downtowntony) on May 25, 2015 at 1:18pm PDT

He says the best part about living where he does is the sense of community.

“I love it at night here. There's campfires going. All these lights ... sometimes musicians playing music, just jamming together, people cooking. I really like the unpredictability and randomness of it," he told ABC News.

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Apart from his modest living, the man behind the online footwear retailer says he only owns four pairs of shoes.

He said: “A pair of flip-flops and slippers that I wear at home. And a pair of Donald Pliner's that I'll wear when I'm not allowed to wear sneakers.”

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