Man Torments His Sister By Lip-Syncing Songs Throughout Their 7-Hour Road Trip

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Some siblings are intent on tormenting each other – and this guy's plan definitely worked.

Brian Anderson and his sister Ashley were on a seven-hour road trip from San Diego to San Jose when he devised a way to pass the time  and successfully annoy his sister in the process.

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As a hilarious video shows, the 29-year-old lip-synched songs, including hits by Britney Spears, the Backstreet Boys and Blink 182 throughout the hours-long journey.

And his sister was less than impressed.

Ashley was captured rolling her eyes and looking bored as her brother performed his dramatic routine.

But he finally gets her to crack a smile when the Friends theme tune comes on.

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The video, entitled "Annoying 7 Hour Road Trip", has already been watched more than two million times on YouTube.

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