Watch This Uber Driver Host an Incredible Dance Party for His Passengers

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If they were looking for a quiet ride home, they got into the wrong car.

Uber driver Jonathan Gaurano invited his passengers to have some fun while as he drove them around the streets of Los Angeles, California.

He switched on The Weeknd’s hit song ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ before hosting a singalong in his car, while a camera placed on his dashboard captured the hilarious dance parties.

“I decided to do this on a whim,” he told INSIDE EDITION. “I wanted to create a fun option for my passengers to dance to some tunes. It evolved to a YouTube video when I had the urge to share happiness to the world.”

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He said that he decided to pick The Weeknd’s hit song because he felt a lot of people would like it.

“Anyone listening, from kids to their grandparents, will have no problem dancing to the song,” he said.

Jonathan, who has been driving for Uber since October 2014, assured viewers that his hands were only off the wheel when the car had stopped and he said he only switched on the camera if his passengers were willing to take part.

The video was filmed during journeys over two weekends – and in that time he found plenty of people who were looking for a dance.

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“Everyone who participated enjoyed the process,” he said. “My favorite part? Probably the girl with the shades who does a little eyebrow thing... it gets me good.”

And he added: “Of course the shirtless guy is a joy.”

Check out Jonathan's full video on YouTube.

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