70-Year-Old Man Who Fell in the Woods Survived For A Week By Drinking Rain Water Off Leaves

An elderly man who fell and injured himself while walking in the woods miraculously survived by drinking rain water for a week.

Donald Farrell, 70, was on his usual morning walk in Avon, New York on August 9 when he followed two deer off a trail, lost his footing and fell - and was unable to get back up.

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He laid there for days as he waited for help and survived by drinking rain water off leaves, he later told police, the Associated Press reported.

Search teams, including ATVs and a canine patrol, scoured the area in the week he was missing - but he could not be found.

On August 16, a cousin who was out looking for him heard his cries for help.

He was found dehydrated, confused and covered in mud among trees and tall weeds nearly two miles from his home, the Democrat and Chronicle reported.

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Farrell, who is married, was taken to a hospital in Rochester, where he is listed in satisfactory condition.

"I would say he was in excellent condition considering he's been out there for a week," Avon Police Chief Gary Benedict said.

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