See Spellbinding Moment Magician Proposes to His Girlfriend on Stage Using a Can of Spaghetti

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This magician had a special trick up his sleeve for his latest show.

Neil Henry, from London, proposed to his girlfriend of two years, Charlie Gardner, using a can of alphabet spaghetti, a piece of string and a puff of smoke.

The 37-year-old showman called his 23-year-old girlfriend on to the stage during his show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland.

He told the crowd: "You're going to have to bear with me for this one. I need a bit of encouragement for this."

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Neil swallowed a tin of alphabet spaghetti followed by a piece of string. Speaking to INSIDE EDITION, he said he was so excited for what was about to happen.

“When I was swallowing the can of spaghetti I glanced at her and she was just sitting and smiling at me,” he said. “In my head I was so excited for what was coming.”

Charlie watched as he pulled out the string with letters attached. She began spelling out the word as he pulled out the letters.

"M...A...." she said - before she realized what was going on.

"You're not are you? Oh my God!" she said.

The letters eventually spelled out "Marry me."

Neil told her on stage: "Having you in my life is real magic and I never want that magic to end."

He then got down on one knee before conjuring a ring box from a puff of smoke, and asked her: "Will you marry me?"

Charlie said yes, before Neil added: "She said yes!"

Speaking to INSIDE EDITION, Neil said that the pressure was on to come up with a creative way to pop the question.

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“The decision to ask Charlie to marry me was the easiest decision I've ever had to make,” he said. “She said to me once that if I ever was to propose to her it's gonna have to be really good because I'm a magician, so I wanted to make this really special.”

He explained that one of his tricks involves swallowing the can of spaghetti, but he usually gets a member of the audience to pick a word at random that he then spells. This time he decided to do it with a twist.

“The idea of vomiting up a proposal seemed like the perfect proposal to me!” he said.

He went on: “I wanted to tell the whole world how much I love her... and by the looks of things my dream has come true.”

Neil's show, Magical Mindsquirm, is currently playing at the Pleasance Dome at the Edinburgh Fringe.

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