Stunned Fisherman Catches Two Kittens Swimming in Alabama River

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When this fisherman went out on the water this weekend, he made an unexpected catch.

Jason Frost and his friend Brandon were fishing on the Warrior River in Alabama when they spotted a small kitten racing through the water to their boat.

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“At first we heard a splash behind us from across the river but just thought it was a big fish jumping,” Jason told INSIDE EDITION. “A few minutes later we turned around and saw something swimming, so we went to check it out and it was a kitten.”

Their looks of disbelief were captured on video.

As soon as they fished the kitten out, they spotted another one swimming towards them. They scooped it out of the water and both cats shook themselves dry.

Jason said he believes someone probably dumped the cats because there are no houses nearby where they were found.

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Luckily, they were in good health and spirits when they made it to the boat.

“They were just fine,” he said. “They played with us and loved on us the whole time we were out there fishing.”

Back at the boat launch, the two men met a family with two small children who wanted to keep the cats so he handed them over.

He shared the video of the bizarre moment to Facebook, where people commended him for saving the cats.

He told INSIDE EDITION that he is “just in total disbelief that a simple video of someone doing the right thing would get so much attention.”

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