Woman Removes Blindfold After Sex, Allegedly Discovers Her Boyfriend is a Female Friend

A woman said she was shocked to discover that her boyfriend of two years was actually a female friend after removing her blindfold following a sexual encounter, according to court reports.

Gayle Newland, 25, from Cheshire, England, allegedly posed as a half-Filipino, half-Latino man named Kye Fortune and developed a relationship with the unnamed victim over the Internet and the phone.

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Newland told her alleged victim that ‘he’ had been in a car accident and had a brain tumor, the Telegraph reported.

After becoming “really good friends,” the duo decided to meet in person under one stipulation: Kye asked the woman to wear a blindfold because he was scarred and "anxious about the way he looked."

But after a sexual encounter during their last meeting, the victim said that something was “not right.”

She removed her blindfold and was surprised to find Newland instead of a man. Newland allegedly hid her true identity by wearing a wooly hat, a prosthetic penis and by binding her chest with bandages, the Chester Chronicle reported.

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Newland has been charged with five counts of sexual assault and has denied all accusations.

In court, she said the victim knew she was “Kye” the entire time, The Guardian reported.

The trial continues.

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