Driver Pulled Over For Speeding Tells Deputy: 'No Wonder You People Get Shot!'

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A Florida woman who was pulled over for speeding told the traffic cop: “No wonder you people get shot.”

Footage of the startling encounter was posted online by the Palm Beach County sheriff’s office.

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The woman was pulled over on September 1 for traveling 51mph in a 20mph school zone, the sheriff’s office said.

Dashcam video shows an officer approaching her car before the woman can be heard saying: “No wonder you people get shot, you’re absolute a**holes!”

The deputy responds: “Okay, thank you ma’am.”

She answered: “You’re welcome.”

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The video was shared by the sheriff’s office with the message: "This was the reaction to our Deputy saving the lives of our children."

The woman was given a citation with a $606 fine.

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