Doctors Surgically Remove Diamond From Woman Who Allegedly Swallowed it During Heist

A woman who swallowed a six-carat diamond that she allegedly stole needed to have the jewel surgically removed after it became lodged in her intestine, according to police.

The Chinese woman was visiting Thailand when she allegedly took the diamond worth nearly $280,000 from the Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair, according to police.

She swallowed the diamond before switching it with a similar-looking stone, CNN reported.

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Police found surveillance footage of the alleged theft and tracked down Jiang Xulian, 39, who reportedly admitted to the crime after an X-ray showed the stone in her large intestine.

Jiang and a Chinese man were arrested at the airport when they were attempting to leave Thailand.

She was given laxatives to allow police to retrieve the diamond - but after she failed to pass the diamond after three days, doctors used a coloscope to pull the jewel out of her.

The chief investigator for the case said Jiang agreed to the operation after being told that the gemstone risked injuring her. The diamond's owner identified the stone after it was removed.

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Jiang is being held on a theft charged. If convicted, the two face up to three years in prison, according to police.

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