See Tiny 4-Week-Old Panda Snuggle Up to His Mom

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Washington D.C.'s four-week-old panda is going from strength to strength.

The Smithsonian's National Zoo shared an update of its latest addition, who was born to mom Mei Xiang in August. She delivered twins but one of the cubs died five days later.

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Keepers finally had a chance to weigh the endangered cub when Mei left her den to eat. The zoo said his weight of 2.95 pounds is heavier than his two older siblings weighed at his age.

His eyes are still closed but veterinarians expect them to open fully in the next two to four weeks. And last weekend, he reacted to the sound of a door moving, indicating he can now hear.

Photographs taken by the zoo's "Panda Cam" also show the tiny cub sleeping in his mother's arms in their den.

Staff have also seen him scooting around his home using his front legs but he’s not walking just yet.

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"Veterinarians reported that he has an excellent range of motion and is able to push up onto his front legs," the zoo reported.

Mei Xiang is part of an ambitious research and breeding program designed to preserve the species. Giant pandas are native to central China with as few as 1,900 remaining in the wild.

Photos courtesy of the Smithsonian's National Zoo

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