Dove Campaign Reveals Girls' Insecurities, Wants Them to Change How They See Themselves

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Dove is on a mission to change the ways girls see themselves.

The company's new commercial shows young girls describing how they would like to change their appearances - and reveals that they often want what the others have.

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Girls with straight hair say they wish they had curly hair - while the girls who have curly hair wish it was straight. One girl wants lighter skin, while another wants darker skin, and a third says she wants freckles.

The commercial is part of the company's campaign to boost self confidence for young girls.

"Girls are bombarded with unrealistic expectations of what they “should” look like," the company said on the video. "Everyone can make a difference to a girl’s self-esteem."

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It has launched Pinterest boards filled with "free confidence-building resources" for girls and their friends and families.

Watch Below: Dove's Campaign Reveals Beauty vs. Average Perceptions