Watch Pee Wee Football Players Break Out 'Whip/Nae Nae' Dance Moves in Middle of Game

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These pint-sized football players couldn't resist the music - even though they were halfway through a game.

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The eight- and nine-year-old pee wee football players were invited to play during halftime at a varsity football game in Milford, Massachusetts - but when Silento's Whip/Nae Nae started to play, they couldn't help but break out the song's signature dance moves.

Laure Farrell, a mom of one of the kids, filmed the adorable video.

“It wasn’t planned," she told INSIDE EDITION. “They started playing that song during the last few minutes of the game. They started dancing and playing.”

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In just a few days, the video has already amassed nearly three million views.

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