Grandparents Mark 60th Wedding Anniversary With Adorable 'Up' Piano Duet

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An elderly couple's piano rendition of the theme tune from Disney's Up is touching hearts across the country.

Pianist Jason Lyle Black shared the tear-jerking video of his grandparents performing Ellie and Carl's theme tune as they marked their 60th wedding anniversary.

In the video, they look at each other warmly as the camera pans to their wedding photo from 1955 and other family portraits throughout the years.

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It also pays homage to the film with the tennis-ball cane, the “Adventure Book,” and even a "Squirrel!" reaction from the family dog, Jason explained on his YouTube page.

"Most of all, the feeling of loyalty between Grandpa and Grandma is evident throughout the entire video," he said.

Jason, who wrote the arrangement for his 80-year-old grandparents, told INSIDE EDITION they have always loved music.

"We had family reunions each summer and they would often play a duet together," he said. "My grandpa is an organist, and I attended a duet they played in church earlier this year with Grandpa on the organ and Grandma on the piano. They have many talents."

The couple has nine children and Jason - who also appears in the video - said he was one of a few dozen grandchildren.

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"Family is very, very important to them," he added.

The video has been viewed more than 65,000 times since it was shared on YouTube on Monday.

“My grandparents were very excited to be part of this video,” he noted. “It was so fun to work with them on it... This will be a family treasure for all of us.”

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