Mom Skydives a Year After Losing Her Arms and Legs: 'The Amputations Won't Stop Me'

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A mom who lost her arms and legs to a mysterious illness is refusing to be held back.

Just a year after losing her limbs, Sue Stull completed something she had always wanted to do: she jumped from a plane.

“The amputations aren't going to stop me from doing this,” she told INSIDE EDITION.

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Sue, a healthy and active mom of two from Choctaw, Oklahoma, started feeling flu-like symptoms in August 2014 and mysteriously went into septic shock. Her lungs, kidneys and liver started to fail.

“Life had changed so fast,” the 42-year-old said. “I just thought I was sick and now I'm fighting for my life.”

Although she miraculously recovered, she needed to have her arms and legs amputated.

“They were literally totally black, skeletal looking,” she said. “By the time they were ready to amputate, I was ready for them to be gone.”

She had to relearn how to do everything but within just three months, she was walking on prosthetic legs and using a robotic arm.

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A year on, she was ready for her tandem skydive.

“There are a lot of things I can't do, and this is something I want to show that I can,” she said.

Wearing a T-shirt reading "Team Sue," she jumped from the plane with an experienced jumper - plummeting 10,000 feet. 

“It was so amazing,” she said when safely back on the ground. “That was so much more than I even imagined."

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