Bagel Pigeon is the Most New York City Thing to Ever Happen

Those who think Pizza Rat is the quintessential New York City might want to rethink that in light of a new photo making the rounds.

Say hello to Bagel Pigeon: the newest most New York City food-loving animal to take the internet by storm.

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Bagel Pigeon's name says it all. She's a New York bird who's wearing the classic New York breakfast bread around her neck like jewelry.

The photo was first posted to Reddit by user connierubirosa, whose description of the simple yet captivating scene summed things up nicely.

"Most New York photo I've ever taken," the Redditor wrote.

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The other unofficial vermin of New York City, Pizza Rat, became celebrated the world over after a straphanger recorded the rodent as it took on the herculean task of dragging a whole slice of New York style pie underground into the subway.

A pizza-eating raccoon--dubbed Pizza Raccoon--subsequently made a splash, albeit a much smaller one, after it was spotted in Central Park.

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