Demolition Crew Hears Puppies Barking Inside House Just Moments Before Tearing it Down

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A litter of lucky puppies living inside a run-down house were saved just moments before the building was demolished.

The demolition crew heard the dogs making noises inside the Michigan home so called the Michigan Humane Society for help.

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When rescue staff arrived, they found the 10-week-old shepherd-mix puppies beneath dressers and other piled-up furniture in the basement.

"We double checked and we triple checked the whole house upstairs and downstairs just to make sure we got all the animals out of the house before the demolition crew came in," rescue driver Pam Dybowski said in a video of the rescue.

There was no sign of the mother dog. A spokesman told INSIDE EDITION he believed the puppies had likely been left in the abandoned home by their mom.

After the pups were gathered up and put in cages, they were taken in by the Michigan Humane Society, which gave them vaccinations.

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"They were shy at first but they seemed to warm up to us," Dybowski added. "Now they are very happy outgoing puppies."

 All the dogs have since been adopted, a spokesman said.

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