You'll Never Guess Where This Former 'American Idol' Contestant Works

Playing Former American Idol Contestant Has Surprising Profession

One of the most controversial performers ever to appear on American Idol now has an unlikely job: he’s an Uber driver.

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Corey Clark was kicked off season two of the show for failing to disclose a past arrest. The case was later dismissed. 

He later caused another sensation by claiming he'd had an affair with then-Idol judge Paula Abdul. She dismissed his claims as "false."

But the days of celebrity are long gone. These days, the father of three works as a driver. "I work for myself. I am my own boss, I love that," he told INSIDE EDITION. 

The day INSIDE EDITION went out with Corey, Sarah McMinimy was one of his passengers. She gave him a five-star rating.

“He was really nice, really lovely, really approachable,” she said.

So is driving for Uber a comedown for a guy who once starred on one of the hottest shows on television?

He said: "I am making a few scrafices for my kids, they mean the world to me. If I am not living up to everyone's expectations, so what?"

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Music is still a passion for him and he is currently in the studio, working on a new album. For more information on his music check out his Twitter page

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