Watch 6-Year-Old Girl's Heart Pump Outside Her Chest

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A six-year-old girl was born with her heart outside her chest.

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Little Virsaviya "Bathsheba" Borun-Goncharova is now in a fight for her life as video was posted by her mother in a desperate attempt to raise money for surgery.


My #virsaviyaWarrior choked very bad 1 hour from 4 to 5 am this night . She Woke up and couldn't breathe, she was scared and I was scared too and the temperature was very high . she was shaking and coughing . She is a lil bit better now after a lot of medicines , but still a little hot and she says her chest is hurts and she is coughing a lot . But she still truly #BathshebaStrong she keep doing her homework in the computer #iready and watching about #MotherTeresa and want to go to the school tomorrow because she loves her wonderful teacher mrs Losieniecki ❤️ #champs #champions #championship #PrayForBathsheba #TeamBathsheba #socialmedia #awareness #oprah #theellenshow #WITW

A video posted by ✨?@fit_thick_Riri?✨ (@dariborun) on Oct 25, 2015 at 12:04pm PDT


#virsaviyaWarrior #BathshebaStrong #TeamBathsheba #theellenshow #WITW #PrayForBathsheba #oprah

A video posted by ✨?@fit_thick_Riri?✨ (@dariborun) on Oct 26, 2015 at 9:42am PDT

When the girl coughs, her heart can be seen pumping. Her heart is shielded only be a thin layer of skin. 

The condition known as thoraco-abdominal syndrome or Pantalogy of Cantrell, happens in less than one million births.

The girl and her family have moved from Russia to America in hope to receive treatment, according to reports.

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In 2013, INSIDE EDITION reported on baby Audrey who was born with her heart beating outside her chest.

Doctor's didn't expect her to survive and she underwent surgery to implant the heart back into her body. The girl, now two, survived the odds.

The hope is that little Virsaviya will get the surgery she needs and will survive this rare condition.

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