Activists Arrested During 'Monday Night Football' After Trespassing with Anti-Fracking Banner

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There was major drama during Monday Night Football as four activists were arrested after rappelling from the upper deck of the stadium and unfurling a banner that said "BoA: Dump Dominion.”

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The banner and a press release posted at called on Bank of America to cut ties with Dominion Resources in an effort to stop Dominion from building a liquefied natural gas export facility in Cove Point, Maryland.

It happened as the Carolina Panthers took on the Indianapolis Colts.

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Fourteen Charlotte firefighters were called to get them down and bring the incident under control. Two men and two women face charges of trespassing.

Authorities are trying to figure out how they managed to slip past security with all that gear. According to NBC News, the protesters refused to cooperate with police.

Those that were arrested are believed to be a part of the activist group We Are Cove Point, a Maryland-based organization that is fighting fracking within parts of the state.

INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent spoke with Rica Madrid moments after her release from jail.

Trent asked: “How was it possible that you were able, considering the security, to get that gear into the stadium?”

“You are allowed to bring backpacks inside the stadium, we didn’t bring anything large,” she said. “It was all a simple system. It may take security a little while to figure out what we are doing and how we are doing it... We were super safe about how we prepared it. It was very safe." 

"A broad, strong coalition of people has been actively resisting Dominion Cove Point at every step since the fall of 2013. We Are Cove Point is a leading part of the effort to stop Dominion Cove Point and reclaim the Cove Point community from Dominion’s grip," the group wrote in its press release that was posted to its site Monday night. 

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