Playful Fox Keeps Stealing Golfers' Club Cover on Course

A fox tickled a group of golfers by playing fetch with one of their club covers.

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The group of guys could do nothing but laugh as the playful fox approached them on the golf course before pinching the cover and taking off.

After dropping the cover, they picked it up - only for the critter to run back and collect it again.

At one point, one of the golfers was forced to chase the fox across the fairway with his club in hand before it eventually dropped the bag. But still, the fox could not be put off.

"It's coming after you!" the guy behind the camera yelled at his friend.

The man ran so fast to escape the fox that he slipped over, bringing the video to an end.

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The video was shared on YouTube, where it has been viewed nearly 7,000 times.

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