Pranksters Freak Out New Yorkers With a Remote-Controlled Pizza Rat

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Some pranksters have taken New York's subway 'pizza rat' to a whole new level.

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Jessie Wellens, one half of the duo behind YouTube's PrankvsPrank, created a motorized rat carrying a pizza and made it chase New Yorkers in heavily-congested pedestrian areas like Union Square and Times Square.

Some of the victims were seen running for their lives.

Wellens told INSIDE EDITION via email: “We did expect people to get freaked out. The prop looked very real and rats are something you see all the time in NYC.”

But the prank went even better than they could have imagined.

Wellens said: "Bringing the pizza rat through NYC was like parting the Red Sea, tourists and locals just scattered, making a clear path for him to move through! It was like a "prank heaven" watching it unfold!"

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His version of pizza rat took him a day to make, he said.

"New York City is known for both its pizza and it's infestation of rats, so the two complement each other well in a comedic way!" he added.

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