8-Year-Old Girl Tried to Smoke Pot in Her Elementary School's Restroom, Cops Say

An eight-year-old girl tried to smoke pot in her elementary school's restroom, according to Ohio police.

The youngster lit a plastic baggie of marijuana in an attempt to smoke it at Pataskala Elementary School last week, said police, who are now trying to determine where she got it.

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When a member of staff found her, the girl threw some marijuana in the toilet and some in a trashcan, the Newark Advocate reported. Marijuana and a lighter were recovered from the trashcan, police said.

Pataskala police Chief Bruce Brooks told the newspaper: "The good thing is she didn't know how to (smoke the marijuana). She lit the (plastic) baggie."

Police were called and the girl was suspended from school. Children's services are involved.

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If police do find out where the girl got the marijuana, that person could be charged with endangering children, Brooks said.

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