Turkish Soccer Fans Reportedly Boo Moment of Silence For Paris Victims, Chant 'Allah Akbar'

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During a friendly soccer match between rivals Greece and Turkey in Istanbul, some fans disrupted the pre-match moment of silence for the victims of Paris with boos and chants of "Allah Akbar.”

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Some Turkish fans reportedly made the chants as they interrupted the tributes to the 129 victims who lost their lives in Friday’s massacre.

The presidents of both Greece and Turkey were in attendance of the match that ended 0-0.

Soccer matches went on throughout Europe on Tuesday night, each paying tribute to the victims of the Paris attacks.

Italy played against Romania and the players took the field carrying French flags and also held a moment of silence.

Another soccer game between Germany and the Netherlands, which was scheduled to take place in Germany on Tuesday, was called off following a stadium evacuation after an ambulance packed with explosives was found in the area.

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Yet, the most stirring tributes came at Wembley Stadium in London as England hosted France in a game that was said to be “an act of defiance.”

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