'Dallas' Star Dumped Me By Phone After 17 Years Then Lied About Our Relationship, Ex Says

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The ex-lover of “Dallas” star Linda Gray says the actress not only dumped him after 17 years, she wrote him out of her life.

“She is a liar, a hypocite and a phony,” Dan Gordon told INSIDE EDITION. “Man, I could say a lot of bad words.”

Gordon, a screenwriter, says the two were in a committed relationship for 17 years before she ended their affair on the phone. In her new memoir, she writes that she hasn’t been in a “long-term passionate relationship.”

She refers to Gordon as “a friend.”

“No, it’s not true. Your lover Don Gordon,” he said. He claims the actress spent a lot of time at his Arizona home and did the interior decorating.

INSIDE EDITION reached out to Linda Gray and was told: “No comment.”

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