Belgian Soccer Player Mistaken for Terrorist While Staying At Hotel

In the wake of the attacks on Paris, a Belgian soccer star staying at an Antwerp hotel was mistaken for a terrorist because of his appearance, according to reports.

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Midfielder Radja Nainggolan, who plays for Italian club AS Roma, was set to start in a match against Spain on Tuesday, when police were reportedly called to investigate a possible terrorist. 

Police arrived at the hotel and immediately recognized the tattooed, mohawk-sporting soccer star and even posed for a picture with him.

Nainggolan, who is known for his aggressive play, understood the severity of the situation, telling Belgian newspaper La Derniere Heure: “Obviously, I have a look that is scary. Fortunately, the police recognized me.”

Nainggolan's game was called off following the Paris massacre.

Club soccer is set to resume this weekend across Europe and Paris’ hometeam, Paris Saint-Germain, will play while wearing a special jersey to honor the victims of the attack.

The reigning French champions will have the slogan 'Je Suis Paris' (Translation: I am Paris) printed underneath the club badge and Ici C'est Paris (Translation: Here is Paris) inside the neckline.

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Argentine midfielder Javier Pastore and Italian goalkeeper Salvatore Sirigu revealed they both had friends that perished in the attacks.

"I have two friends who died in France, they lived three blocks from my house and they had gone to the concert," Pastore told an Argentinean TV station.

Sigiru told Italy’s RAI: “Two lads with Italian roots who ran their business with passion. Some of us, [his PSG teammates] like [Marco] Verratti and Maxwell, were regulars at their restaurant and to lose two people who were part of our serenity off the football field is difficult to accept.

"I think France has responded in a dignified way," the goalkeeper said. "We need to continue doing the things we used to do -- training and playing and being close with our thoughts to those who are suffering."

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