Woman Who Had a Loaded Gun in Her Vagina Gets 3 Years in Jail

A Tennessee woman who was carrying a loaded gun in her vagina has been sentenced to three years in jail, authorities said.

Dallas Archer pleaded guilty to one count of smuggling contraband into a penal facility. The discovery was made last year after Archer, then 19, was pulled over for a traffic stop and police determined she was driving with a suspended license, according to court documents posted Thursday on the Smoking Gun website. 

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Officers took her to a jail in Kingsport, where female jail employees discovered a four-inch revolver in her crotch.

The weapon, police said, had been stolen from a retiree’s car.

Attorney Daniel Cantwell said his client was sentenced to an additional three years of community service for guilty pleas on other charges including possession of marijuana and driving without proof of insurance.

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Cantwell said he didn’t know why Archer had concealed a gun in her vagina.

“I have never got an answer for that,” he told Sky News Thursday. “I don’t know. I think it’s just because she was high.”

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