Dog Found With Skin 'as Hard as Stone' From Infection Makes Incredible Recovery

Playing Street Dog Whose Skin Turned to Stone From Mange Makes Amazing Recovery

A dog found with crust-covered skin has now grown a full body of fur after being rescued.

The emaciated pup was swarming with flies when rescuers discovered her curled up inside a van on a roadside in India. Her skin had turned "as hard as stone" from "advanced mange crusting," Animal Aid wrote on a YouTube video.

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Volunteers from the rescue group caught the dog's attention with biscuits and transported her to a rescue center, where her skin was covered with a medicated lotion.

By day four, her skin was almost completely clear and smooth.

After just six weeks of treatment, she looked like a completely different animal - with soft fur covering her entire body.

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For more information about the rescue group, visit their website here.

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