Diner Offers Free Dinner to Anyone Home Alone on Thanksgiving

A Michigan diner is offering a free meal to people who find themselves alone on Thanksgiving.

George Dimopoulos, owner of George's Senate Coney Island Restaurant in Northville, Michigan, has been hosting his free dinner for 10 years.

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But this year, the Detroit area restauranteur is getting the nationwide attention he deserves after a Reddit user posted his handwritten sign advertising the free meal.

Dimopoulos, who came to the U.S. from Greece in 1969, told USA Today that he holds the dinner because he was once hungry and penniless himself.

"I do for the people who don't have anybody home," said Dimoupolos. "One time I was alone. One time I didn't have food. Somebody did it for me."

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Dimopoulos estimates he'll be able to accommodate about 100 free diners.

He's spent $5,000 on turkeys, side dishes and desserts and said he usually gets 70 to 100 people, from all backgrounds and life situations - from those who are simply lonely to the homeless.

But no matter his diners' circumstances, Dimopoulos said: "I hope I can help people eat."

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