Puppy Who Was Nearly Starved to Death Now Looks Like a Totally Different Dog

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A dog who was skeletal when she was found nearly starved to death last year has made an astonishing recovery.

The pup, named Angel, was so weak when she was brought into Rescue from the Hart in Los Angeles that she was unable to stand. Her bones jutted out beneath her skin, every rib was visible and her organs were shutting down.

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But as a video from the rescue center shows, a team of caretakers slowly brought her back to health.

"She needed a miracle to survive," reads a message on the heart-wrenching footage. "We made a promise not to give up on her."

They fed her small amounts at first, so that her body could get used to the food. Slowly, she started walking on her own and putting on weight.

"As Angel's body continued to heal, her spirit came alive," the video says. "She found the will to live again."

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Angel, who was filmed running and playing outside with another dog, is now a healthy and happy pup. She has also found a new home.

For more information on the shelter and to donate, visit their website here.

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