Watch Family Bring Tiny Kitten Back to Life After Finding Him Frozen in the Snow

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A Utah family witnessed an early Christmas miracle when they managed to bring a kitten back to life after finding him frozen in the snow.

In an incredible video shared to YouTube, Branden Bingham explains that his family headed outside on Thanksgiving morning to play in the snow, which had fallen overnight.

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But once outside, his son stumbled over what appeared to be a dead kitten. They rushed the tiny, lifeless animal inside and sat next to the fire.

Footage shows his brother performing CPR on the cat by gently pressing his thumb against its chest. For an hour, he tried to thaw out the kitten beside the fire.

Branden explained in the video: "I was so sure the cat was dead that I stopped recording because it felt morbid to film a dead kitten. I took the kids back outside to play in the snow and forget about the sad start to their Thanksgiving. When we came back inside I could not believe my eyes..."

He returned to find that the cat had lived and was snuggled inside a towel. The family fed it little by little, and eventually it was up walking.

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The video explains that the kitten - named Lazarus - was taken to a vet and is now enjoying its new home.

"Instead of a somber and sad Thanksgiving, the kids were able to witness an early Christmas miracle," he wrote.

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