Ed Sheeran Offers $2 'Peep Show'... But Everyone Thinks It's Too Good to Be True

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You might think the only way to see Ed Sheeran play would be by squeezing in to a sold-out show, but last week, he was offering private shows for just $2.

The only problem? No one believed it was true.

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Australian comedy duo Hamish and Andy left the British singer inside a club with his guitar as they tried to get members of the public to attend the "Ed Sheeran Peep Show." They told passersby that $2 would get them a 30-second private performance from the Grammy Award nominee.

When no one came inside the club, Sheeran was left twiddling his thumbs.

"Do you think we're pricing it too high?" Andy asked him.

"I think $2 is pretty fair," he responded.

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Eventually, after two hours and 23 minutes, the first two audience members paid up and headed in to watch - and couldn't believe their eyes.

Watch the full video here.

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