Elderly Rescue Dog Sees a Cat For the First Time After Getting His Eyesight Restored

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An elderly flea-infested dog who was almost completely blind when he was found living on the streets has undergone life-changing surgery to see again.

Vets removed Cappy the terrier's lenses and replaced them with new artificial lenses.

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"All of Cappy's post surgery checkups went GREAT!" Vet Ranch Rescue explained in a video. "He has restored vision in BOTH eyes!! He will continue to improve as the swelling from the surgery subsides."

As the video shows, the surgery was such a success that Clappy clasped his eyes on a cat for the first time - although she wasn't quite so excited to see him.

Cappy stayed at the rescue center for seven weeks as he underwent other procedures to fix his rotten teeth and a bad limp. He was later adopted by a family with other elderly terriers.

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Footage showed Cappy bounding around his new home and sitting on the porch taking in the sunset.

"He is back to being a happy pup and discovering the world around him," Vet Ranch said.

To find out more about the rescue center, visit their website here.

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