Puppy Loses a Leg After Being Crushed By a Motorcyle... and Now He Matches With His Owner

Playing Puppy Loses Leg in Accident But Owner Weeps Seeing Matching Amputation

A puppy who lost a leg now shares an even deeper bond with his owner, who is also an amputee.

Animal Aid Unlimited, a rescue group in India, heard how the tiny puppy's leg had been crushed by a speeding motorcycle. They headed to his owner's home and found the man sobbing as he held the pup, who was wearing a bloody bandage around his leg.

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"It broke our hearts to see him crying," the rescue group wrote of the man in a video.

Vets found that the leg bone was crushed so badly that it would have to be amputated, but just a day after the surgery, he was reunited with his thankful owners.

The man grinned as he was held the pup.

"That's when we realized there was yet another reason why this dear man had been weeping," Animal Aid wrote on the video.

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The man then lifted his pant leg to reveal that he was wearing a prosthetic before showering his pet with kisses.

For more information about Animal Aid Unlimited, visit their site here.

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