10 Unexpected Animal Friendships We Fell In Love With This Year

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From a gorilla gently stroking a litter of tiny kittens to a pit bull watching over a brood of chicks, INSIDE EDITION is rounding up the most unbelievable animal friendships of 2015.

Animals have defied our expectations all year. In March, an abandoned kitten and puppy became fast friends at a shelter, while in November, a tiger bonded with a goat it was supposed to eat.

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Some animals were filmed having a ball, including a baby elephant that was spotted playing with a flock of birds at Kruger National Park in South Africa in July, while others have a more nurturing bond.

In October, Koko the gorilla gently petted two kittens she adopted for her 44th birthday, while earlier this year, a pit bull nursed a newborn kitten on the streets.

For more adorable pairings, check out our video above.

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