Mother Teresa to Become Saint After Vatican Recognizes Second Miracle

Mother Teresa is set to become a saint after Pope Francis acknowledged that another miracle occurred because of her.

Pope Francis approved of what is the second medical miracle to be attributed to the Catholic nun, now formerly known as Blessed Teresa of Kolkata, on his 79th birthday Thursday.  

A Brazilian man who was comatose after suffering from a viral brain infection resulting in multiple brain abscesses that were not responding to treatment was believed to be near death when he was miraculously healed in 2008.

“The patient’s wife continuously sought the intercession of Blessed Mother Teresa for her husband. To her own prayers of intercession were joined those of her relatives, friends, and the parish priest, all of whom were praying for a miraculous cure through the intercession of Mother Teresa,” the Mother Teresa of Calcutta Center said in a statement.

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The man’s condition worsened and he was rushed into emergency surgery, but when the neurosurgeon entered the operating room, he found the man “inexplicably awake and without pain,” the Center said.

The man went on to return to his work as a mechanical engineer and, despite tests that said he was sterile due to “intense and prolonged immunosuppression and antibiotics,” he and his wife have since had two children.

A panel of experts, convened by the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints, concluded his wife’s prayers for Mother Teresa’s intervention cured him.

This is the second medical miracle believed to have been possible because of Mother Teresa.

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She is believed to have performed a miracle in the 1998 healing of a Bengali tribal woman, Monika Besra, who was suffering from an abdominal tumor.

Born Agnes Gonxhe Bojaxhiu to Albanian parents in what is now Skopje in Macedonia, Mother Teresa founded the Missionaries of Charity in 1949 and worked her entire life caring for the poor and sick in the Indian city of Kolkata.

Mother Teresa won a Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 for her charity work.

She died in 1997 when she was 87 years old. She was beatified by Pope John Paul II six years after her death.

She is expected to be canonized in Rome on September 4 next year as part of the Pope’s Jubilee year of mercy, but the canonization will be officially announced during the next Consistory of Cardinals.

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