DJ Locks Himself In His Studio and Plays 'Last Christmas' On a Loop 24 Times

An Austrian radio DJ on a mission to spread Christmas cheer no matter the cost barricaded himself in his studio so he could play a holiday classic non-stop for almost two hours.

Joe Kohlhofer propped a wooden chair up against the door to his studio at Antennae Carinthia to prevent anyone from stopping him as he played “Last Christmas” by Wham!, on a loop, 24 times, the Independent reported.

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He told his listeners that he felt people were not in the Christmas spirit and that as a result, a Christmas overdose was in order.

“Merry Christmas with last Christmas on the antenna,” Kohlhofer wrote on a picture he posted to Facebook Friday that showed him decked out in a Santa hat and garland while he gave a thumbs up to the camera. 

His co-host Patricia Jordan watched helplessly from another room as the 1984 hit by George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley played on and on from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.

About 120 people called in to the show asking Kohlhofer to move on to a new song, but he only turned off the track when his four-year-old daughter called in to say she didn’t like it, Metro wrote.

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“I wanted to play it all day, but because I love my daughter so much I gave in to her request,” he said, the paper reported.

The festive disk jockey could face consequences for the reportedly unplanned stunt, but the station has featured coverage of Kohlhofer’s antics on its website. 

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