Gun-Toting Man Stops Thieves From Stealing 83-Year-Old Neighbors' Christmas Presents

A Texas man stopped intruders who broke into his elderly neighbor’s home from stealing Christmas after he fired a series of shots at the would-be Grinches’ getaway car.

At least two men allegedly kicked in the door of an 83-year-old man’s Houston home only days before Christmas and took wrapped presents that were beneath his tree, officials said.

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They tried to make off with the gifts, a flat screen TV, a mounted deer head and a rifle, but were surprised by a gun-toting neighbor, who tried to keep the suspects at bay until law enforcement arrived, KHOU-TV reported.

The men managed to get away but left behind most of the valuables they tried to snatch as the neighbor fired about five shots at the vehicle.

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“They were loading stuff into my car in my garage. I’m missing a set of car keys,” homeowner Harry Wells told the station, noting he slept through the break-in because of his failing hearing.

“I didn't know anything was going on,” Wells told KHOU-TV.

It was not immediately clear why Wells' home was targeted. 

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