Blind Dog is Rescued After a Month Trapped at the Bottom of a Well

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A blind dog has been given a second chance at life after miraculously surviving weeks at the bottom of a dark and cold well.

The poor pooch is believed to have fallen 26 feet to the bottom of the well while he was searching an empty field in Bosnia for food, according to the animal rescue group Harmony Fund, which coordinated the recovery efforts.

The Harmony Fund sponsors the rescue and care of thousands of animals across the world.

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Thanks to children who threw food down to the pup, he was able to survive in the pit for one month before being saved. 

When the team arrived at the well, one of the men lowered himself into the hole to come to the canine’s aid.

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“No hole too deep, no space too dark, we will come for you,” the group promised during a video it took of the rescue.

The heroic man lifted the dog above his head to pass him off to another member of the rescue effort.

“After a month alone, ‘Christmas’ is finally free,” Harmony Fund said, noting the dog is now in foster care.

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