Man Searches for the Person Who Sent Him a Guitar on eBay 15 Years Ago

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A professional musician took to social media to track down the stranger who gifted him with his first guitar.


*** I AM TRYING TO FIND A PERSON WHO CHANGED MY LIFE ABOUT 15 YEARS AGO ***(Please help share this story and photo if...

Posted by Arnold Nesis on Sunday, December 27, 2015

In 1999, Arnold Neiss was 15 years old and dreamed of being a rock star. His parents didn't approve and wouldn't buy him a guitar so he came up with a genius way to get his hands on one.

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He told his Facebook followers: “I went to eBay and hoped to find someone nice. I sent messages to a few auctions for guitars that were about to end, saying: ‘I am a poor boy from Israel who needs a guitar, and if you are not going to use this guitar and can't sell it, please send it to me.’”

After being mostly ignored, one man from America answered.

“Someone replied and sent me ‘Hi, I’m a Jew, too. This is my present for you for Hanukah.’ He sent the guitar all the way from the U.S. and paid for the shipping as well, which was something like $200.”

Arnold has never sold the guitar and went on to become a professional musician and composer.

He told INSIDE EDITION that since the video was posted a day ago, he has already received hundreds of emails and messages from people offering to help.

“I have gotten hundreds of emails and messages offering help, telling me personal stories, different leads and such,” he said. “There is one specific lead which might be interesting from a person who claims to remember this exact guitar in a pawn shop. We are checking it and looking for the owner. Given the fact that this video has only been online for a day and a half, I think we sure are on the right track. I feel like I have a small army of detectives which I never met.”

The world of music and his passion for playing has altered his life forever.

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He said: “Not to sound dramatic, but if you were to show 15-year-old me where I am today, I think he would simply not believe it. I have always wanted to be a musician but the past few years have been crazy and I was so lucky. I have had the opportunity to work on amazing project, with amazing people, some of which I considered to be my idols and greatest inspirations and today I call them friends and colleagues.”

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