Bob Hope Was a Legendary Ladies Man, Book Claims

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The legendary Bob Hope was the quintessential entertainer.

He was beloved by generations of Americans, but some said he was also a legendary ladies man.

In his book Hope Entertainer of the Century, Time magazine editor Richard Zoglin writes that Hope was not the pinnacle of faithfulness. 

He told INSIDE EDITION the married Hope was a Don Juan who had a fling with America’s sweetheart, Doris Day, in 1949.

“He had a quick, brief affair with Doris Day. She was a singer on Bob's radio show,” Zoglin said. 

Day has said she only had a professional relationship with Hope and that they were never romantically involved.

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Zoglin said Day wasn't the only girl in Hope's past.

When Hope made his classic road films with Bing Crosby, he carried on affairs, mostly with B-list Hollywood starlets including actresses Barbara Payton, Zoglin said.

He also had a tryst with blonde bombshell Marilyn Maxwell, with whom Hope had a four year affair, the author writes.

“They were so close people at the Paramount lot used to call her ‘Mrs. Bob Hope,’” Zolgin said.

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Bob Hope was married to Delores 70 years until his death in 2003, but some claim that the pair were not legally wed.

“I do not have any evidence. No one has a marriage license for Bob and Dolores. They made up that marriage date," Zoglin told IE after his book had been published in December 2014. 

Despite his faults, Hope's legacy remains his unwavering support of our troops overseas and the memories he gave to America.

“I think he was the most important entertainer of the century,” Zoglin said.

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