This Stubborn Penguin Chick Refuses to Leave His Dad's Pouch

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Despite being too big, a stubborn emperor penguin chick refused to leave the comfort of his father's pouch.

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As footage shows, his devoted dad was forced to waddle around on the snow with the large chick between his feet.

The adorable video was shared by the BBC on its "Snow Chick" series, which is narrated by Kate Winslet. The series follows the little chick's first few months in the Antarctic winter.

When Snow Chick's dad is left stumbling over his clingy son, Winslet quips: "It's starting to get embarrassing."

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Eventually, the video shows his dad persuade him to leave the pouch and join other chicks, and he slowly figures out how to join their huddle to keep warm.

The series, which was filmed over a year in freezing conditions, appeared on the BBC in December.

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