Clay Aiken: Root Canals Are More Entertaining Than the 'American Idol' Judges


To say Clay Aiken didn't like the season premiere of the final season of American Idol would be an understatement.

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He went on a Twitter rampage:

Fans of the show immediately went on the attack:

“He seems to have abandoned any sense of gratitude for the entertainment machine that plucked him out of obscurity and made him a household name," one person wrote.

“Considering this 'boring' show is what put Clay Aiken on the map...sounds like bitter pill to me,” wrote another.

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Aiken defended his comments, tweeting:

But season one winner Kelly Clarkson praised the show that made her a star, tweeting:

Carrie Underwood, who catapulted to stardom on Idol, also weighed in.

She tweeted:

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