Restaurant Offers Free Pizza For a Year To Anyone Who Helps Catch Thief

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The owner of a Denver restaurant is offering a year's worth of free pizza to anyone who helps him nab a thief.

The suspect stole around $1,000 from two cash registers at Kaos Pizzeria at 4.30 a.m. Sunday.

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Owner Patrick White told INSIDE EDITION that when he got to work on Sunday he found a window had been forced open. When staff checked out surveillance footage, they saw the entire robbery had been caught on camera.

After police gave him the go-ahead, White shared the footage on the restaurant's Facebook page, along with a special promise.

"If yours is the tip that lands him in jail, we’ll give you FREE PIZZA FOR A YEAR!" he said.

"Please share this video, to help protect our community from jerks who skulk about in sunglasses at night and steal from small businesses."

White told IE that he's serious about the free pizza.

"We just want to catch this person so this doesn't happen to someone else," he said. "It doesn't hurt one person. It hurts my entire staff. Everyone is nervous."

So far, there have been no tips to help catch the guy. But while they lost the cash, they've gained something quite unexpected, White said.

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"My goodness, what a response from my community. It's turned a really horrible thing into a really positive thing. We've felt so much love," he said.

The thief was approximately 6-foot-2 and had a shaved head, and is suspected of other burglaries in the area, White wrote on Facebook. In the video, the suspect's face can be seen briefly as he snoops around.

If you recognize the man, authorities ask you to contact Crime Stoppers at 1-720-913-STOP.

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